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A Fun Week in Enrichment

Hi everyone!

It's Wednesday already! And with Wednesday comes another update from Jack and Jill!

We practiced our monthly fire drill today, and the kids did a great job! It was especially strange to go out onto the playground for it in our PJ's, but they stuck with it.

And speaking of that, we had a great Pajama Day! We may have even caught a few winks! 😉

Next Wednesday is Disney Day! Wahoo! Your child can wear a costume/shirt/outfit to go with the theme. Please, no makeup. Also, if accessories are brought in and become a distraction I'll ask them to be put in their mailboxes until the end of the day. Also, since Disney Day falls on St. Patrick's Day, the kids can dress in green on Tuesday if they'd like. I'll do a few celebratory things on Tuesday, too.

Art this week was about the primary colors, and how mixing them makes other colors! You saw their clay mice, along with shapes to make a mouse, and paint coloring mixing come home with them on Tuesday. This week they got to show their creations to Ms. Brenna in front of the camera during our time as well!

Our letter of the week this week was "I". The list of words we came up with may have been smaller than normal, but they did a wonderful job trying to find the soft I sound (as in itch).

Please keep encouraging your little learners to point out letters that they know. The more they see/recognize/ and practice the better they'll be at reading every sign they see as you're driving down the road! And who doesn't want that!?!?

The book this week was Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty, and Illustrated by David Roberts. This is one book of the "Questioneer" series by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts about kids who do marvelous things. If you haven't seen them before I highly recommend them. The others are Rosie Revere, Engineer, Ada Twist, Scientist, Sophia Valdez, Future Prez, and soon to be released Aaron Slater, Illustrator. We continued to use our bookmark while reading through the book, which is longer than our morning circle time allows, and were able to finish the book after lunch. I'm using this as a strategy, now that we are further on in the year, for a few reasons. Breaking up our reading time into two pieces of the day...

1. Gets them ready to read and listen to longer books

2. It allows them to think about storyline progression. They have time to think about what could happen next, and how the book will end.

3. Or if we've read it before, they can use their memory to try to remember what happened.

4. It also gives them motivation to finish lunch/ clean up in a timely manner so that we have time to finish the book. This class is so close, they would sit at their lunch tables all day and chat if I let them. Lol!

What was NEW in centers this week?

Yellow Bins- Picture Lacing Cards

Blue Bin- Letter "I" find with dot markers

Art- Ice Cream Cone Names. The children wrote the letters of their name on individual scoops of ice cream to make a big cone.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the beautiful weather for the next few days!


Christina Renoni


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