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A Fun Week in Pre-K 1

Hi Everyone,

We had a great week in our classroom. The children enjoyed pajama day(s). It was so nice to end the week with warmer temperatures. We even had extra recess time today!

Our Reading Street Book this week was Growing Like Me by Anne Rockwell. "Everything in nature grows up-just like you and me! It's springtime, and the local pond is bursting with new life. Shiny black pollywogs are growing into frogs and baby robins hatch from pale blue eggs. The blackberry bushes are full of sweet, juicy berries and the new monarch butterflies emerge from their cocoons." Our vocabulary words were blossoms, hatch, caterpillar, growing, pollywog and pond. We talked a lot about the changes we will be seeing as the weather gets warmer and it becomes Spring. Our Reading Street Song was I Am Growing.

We also read There's Only One You by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook and The Invisible String by Patrice Karst. I had another book picked out for today, but the children asked me if I could read The Invisible String again today. They really enjoyed this story!

Our Letter of the Week was V. Our Letter Sound Song was Viv, Victor and Vikki Grow Veggies.

Art Easel: Free Art....white paper, markers and dot markers were available.

Project Table: V is for vase....the children decorated their vase with crayons or markers, drew stems and then used forks to make their flowers (tulips). Painting with the forks was a hit!

Math Table: Scale....there were different items to weigh and a worksheet to fill in how many "bears" each item weighed.

We talked about how the scale worked and this was a very popular spot. The children are also working hard at writing their numbers.

Discovery Table: Closed for Assessments

Writing Table: V Worksheets and V Booklets.

Listening Center: Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by Eric Litwin.

Looking ahead, next week our Letter of the Week will be M.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Kelley


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