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Another Great Week in Enrichment

Good afternoon, all!

We continue to make our way through the alphabet...even the tough Q. The kids did a great job writing their Qs, but coming up with words was tricky! Luckily, our book this week helped us out. We read The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken. It tells the story of a magic quiltmaker who makes quilts for the poor and needy, but will not sell them. The greedy king finds out about her beautiful quilts and demands that she give him one. "Give away all of the things you own and I'll sew a quilt for you. And with each gift you give, I'll add another piece to your quilt." After much distress the king decides to try it out. He realizes he likes giving things away because of how it makes others feel. After years of giving all his things away the quiltmaker gave him the unique quilt she had made for the king. His clothes were torn and tattered, but "I'm the richest man I know." From then on the quiltmaker would make quilts during the day, and the king would deliver them to those in need at night.

This book was quite long, so we took this opportunity to break it up into sections. This allowed us to talk about what we remembered from reading that morning, or the day before. We also talked about looking at the pictures to help us to know what's happening on that page.

What's new in centers this week?

Yellow Bins- Magniboard letter tracing- P-S

Blue Bin- Spring color by Number

Art- Kindness Quilt- Each child drew a picture of what they thought would finish the sentence "Kindness is...". All the children's squares were "sewn" together to make a class Kindness Quilt. Once it's all put together I'll be sure to send a picture along.

Also, a letter Q coloring page

The kids are still enjoying the Farmers Market, Playdough, paper, sticker and hole punch Sensory Bins, and blocks and magni tiles in the block area.

There are lots of caterpillar representations being made in our classroom! They love watching our own caterpillars grow and change, and now that they are all in their chrysalises they're excited to see the next step!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Christina Renoni


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