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April Adventures in Enrichment!

Hi everyone!

This week was packed full of fun, and flew by! Between the busy schedule and the beautiful weather, I feel like we blinked and we were telling each other to have a good weekend.

On Monday we had a guest reader, Mrs. Lehane, read us another funny Skippy John Jones book! Using funny voices and clapping along with Skippy's songs made for a great time!

On Tuesday we started yoga with Mrs. Fyrberg! We sang songs, played games, and pretended to be animals, all while focusing on stretching, moving, and breathing.

And today was picture day! Phew! Marathon week in Enrichment!

Our book this week was Rose's Garden by Peter H. Reynolds. This tells the story of Rose who travels the world in her tea pot, gathering seeds everywhere she goes. When she lands in a big city (people in the know, know it as Boston 😉) she plants her seeds in an empty spot. Rose waits, and waits, and waits. Children from around the city bring her flowers that they've made and help her make her garden grow!

What was NEW in centers?

Art- The children painted with celery! That's right, they painted with the leaves, the stalks, and the bottom to make some beautiful creations!

Easel- We used dot markers to make flowers of our own!

Math- Bees were buzzing in their hives! We rolled a dice, then counted out the number of bees needed for each hive.

Playdough- This month we have yellow playdough, with flower shaped buttons, and green pipe cleaners to create new things with.

Discovery- We used Monkey Foam to shape new things, and cut out numbers.

Writing table- This was a BIG hit this week! Cutting out baby chicks, gluing them onto paper, and drawing new places for them was wonderful!

We also had a great time in the pretend center, block area, and outside!

We hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend!


Erica Derbyshire, Ashlee Taylor, and Christina Renoni


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