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Celebrating Valentine's Week in Pre-K 2!

Good afternoon Pre-K 2 families,

It’s hard to believe that February break is here! The children might welcome the time off from school after such a busy week. We had lots of fun at our Valentine’s Dance on Monday. Some of the children enjoyed seeing students that were in their classes last year. On Tuesday, our Valentine’s Day snack was a success. Thanks to all who donated items! Lastly, on Wednesday Mrs. G visited and we got to dance with our stuffed animals. Thanks for visiting Mrs. G!


Stories: "There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Rose" by Lucille Collandro and “Chengdu Could Not Would Not Fall Asleep” by Barney Saltzberg.

Nursery Rhyme and Skill Focus: Hey Diddle Diddle- We learned new vocabulary, found rhyming words and practiced reading from the TOP.

Skills: handwriting the letter G, Reading Street Song: Get Going (letter G), intro to punctuation (exclamation points, periods and question marks), looking at illustrations for clues about books and songs

Here's what's happening at CENTERS:

Art- cutting, paper punching, Chengdu the Panda art and watercolor painting at the easel

Blocks- wooden blocks, dollhouse, little people, vehicles

Dramatic Play- Animal Hospital with stuffed animals, vet tools, vet bench, X-rays, animal carriers, bathtub

Writing/Library- books about Valentine's Day and friendship, Handwriting without Tears materials for practicing the letters G, scissors, coloring supplies

Playdough: pink playdough with heart cutters, mini erasers, dough squeezers and letter stampers

Math- numeral identification, counting and matching quantity to numeral with the “Feed the Frogs” game

Science- engineering with Legos

Sensory Table- red and orange plastic straws (LAVA) and dinosaurs

After our February break, we will start our new Seeds of STEM Science unit on Habitats. Have a wonderful week off and I look forward to seeing your little ones on Monday, February 27th!


Brenda Daday


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