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February Fun in Enrichment

Good afternoon families! We had a SUPER week at school. The activities this month will be based around the themes of superheroes. We will discuss how each child can be a superhero in their own life, which will lead into lessons about kindness and feelings.

This week at MORNING MEETING we read What should Danny do? by Ganit and Adir Levy. This is a choose-your-own adventure story. Different situations arise during Danny’s day, such as his little brother getting the plate he wanted at breakfast. Danny has to make a choice about how to react to the situations. His decisions guide the rest of his day. On Tuesday, the children identified the negative choice and poor Danny had a rough day. On Wednesday, I asked the children to think of more positive choices. They discovered that Danny had a great day when he made positive choices!

Here's what's NEW at CENTERS:

Art Table: The boys and girls used paint and different painting tools to design their own superhero capes. They also thought of a superpower that they would like to have. After they dried, we hung them up in the classroom. They came out great!

Easel: Decorating superhero shields with crayons, stamps and stickers.

Math Table: Olympic Ring color sorting

Discovery Table: This center will focus on feelings for the next two weeks. This week, the children explored HAPPY and SAD emotions. The center has feelings dolls, puzzles and sorting pictures. There are also little hand mirrors with felt on the back. The students used Velcro eyes, noses, mouths and eyebrows to depict different feelings.

Literacy Cart: The children show a lot of interest in letter matching at this center, so we decided to stick with it. This week the children matched little magnetic “gumballs” to the correct spot on the gumball machine mat.

Sensory Table: A little Valentine’s fun at the sensory table with kinetic sand, heart molds, shiny hearts, and heart cutters.

Playdough: Purple playdough, scissors, squeezers, rollers, Valentine’s Day cutters, sparkly heart gems

Writing Table: super hero tracing pages

Block Area: This center has been stocked with trains and a train track rug, first responder vehicles with drivers, school buses and wooden people and cylinder tubes. This was a very popular center this week and the students had lots of opportunities to practice turn-taking and using their words to solve conflict. They are doing a wonderful job using the skills we have been learning this year.

Just a reminder that Monday, February 14th we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at school. Your child may wear festive colors if they’d like. If your child would like to bring in valentines to share with the class (optional), please only fill out the “from” section on the card, as matching names on the “to” section can be tricky for young children. Also, please no food or candy. We will also be decorating graham crackers with frosting and sprinkles. Next week’s email will include full ingredient lists, trying to be mindful of allergies. We hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

Your Teachers,

Brenda Daday & Christina Renoni


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