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Feeling Thankful in the 3's!

Good afternoon everyone!

Even though this was a quick week with the 3's, we took full advantage of the time we had together!

Mr. G came in to read to us today! He read I Like the Snow by Sarah Nelson and Rachel Oldfield, and I Like the Sun by the same author and illustrator. Fun books with bright pictures and rhyming text that the children can relate to are perfect for these little minds!

What was NEW in CENTERS?

Art- Lego corn painting- The children used lego to paint a picture of an ear of corn. Using things in different ways is always fun for the imagination! These are hanging in the hallway on our bulletin board.

Easel- Fall leaf coloring

Math- Leaf peeping- We used colored frames to walk around the classroom and find different colored leaves hiding all around. Little New Englanders need leaf peeping practice, don't they?

Playdough- We have blue playdough this month!

We also were able to get outside at the beginning AND the end of our day today. They're getting great practice with the bikes, and climbing up and down the play structure. They're also really enjoying the sandbox!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to seeing our little friends again next Thursday!


Ashlee Taylor and Christina Renoni


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