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Finishing Out January in Mixed Age!

Good Afternoon Mixed Age Families,

BRRRR its cold out there, I hope this email finds you all warm and cozy! We had a busy week and had some fun activities in our classroom. Luckily we were able to get out most of the week except for today.

Here is what we did this week in the classroom.

Math Table~ Pegs and peg boards

Discovery Table~ Cheerful birds with tree blocks. They loved building with the blocks and like the challenge to see how many they could stack up on top of each other.

Easel~ Painting with celery and paper towel tubes to make hearts. They are now hanging out in the hallway on the bulletin board.

Art/Writing Table~ I love you to pieces paper with tissue paper glued on, everyone was encouraged to write their own name on their paper and did a great job. We also made paper bag groundhogs puppets in honor of Groundhogs day yesterday. We had card making with stamps, stickers, paper, doilies and markers. We also put word cards for anyone wanting to write Mom, Dad, I love you, to and from.

Pretend Center~ What can you do with a BOX? We have lots of different size boxes, colored tape, popsicle sticks and markers to create different items. We had a car, boat, train, an ABC box as well as many other creations. Yesterday some of them made boats and were singing Row Row Row you Boat while sitting in the boats.

Sensory Table~ Valentines Mix with colored pasta, finger puppets, plastic hearts and other small little trinkets.

Play Dough~ Is now Hot pink and lots of fun stuff for creating love bugs.


Be You

My Heart Is Like a Zoo

What can you do with a Box?

Groundhogs Day/ We also had a poll to see who thought the groundhog would see his shadow. See picture below

How do Dinosaurs get Well Soon


Wiggling Fingers

Tutti Ta

Animal Action

Freeze Dance


Today we had a Dance Party where everyone was able to request a song or 2.

Monday we are going to start Show and Tell. Please have your child bring in 1 item on Monday when they come into the classroom a drop-off. The item will be a picture of their Family! We look forward to seeing all of our beautiful families.

Warm Regards.

Julie Haynes & Katy Fyrberg


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