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Finishing Out January in Pre-K 1!

Hello everyone,

Our week went quickly and we certainly fit a lot in. We began a new unit in our Reading Street Curriculum called Watch Me Change. Our Reading Street Book this week was See How They Grow: Owl by Mary Ling. "Close-up integrated photographs and an informative text follow every stage of an owl's development from its hatching from an egg to its full-grown stage." Our vocabulary words were chick, down, owl, eggshell, feathers and tasty. Our Reading Street Song was Fly Little Owl. The children had fun pretending they were owls as we sang our song.

Our song was A Bunch of Baby Beavers.

Art Easel: Water color painting owls

Project Table:

Snowmen Paper Plate Project

B is for bird...there were pieces to make the letter B and then the children could turn it into a bird

Making Valentine cards

B is for binoculars...the children had a lot of fun making their own pair of binoculars. We talked about owl eyesight this week and how they cannot see well from side to side. The children looked through the tubes to look around. On the rug near the Pretend Center, I put brown pom poms (mice) for them to find.. They noticed that they had to turn their heads the same way an owl does to see things that are not right in front of them.

Bunny Masks to decorate

Math Table: Sorting

Discovery Table: Magnetic rods and balls

Writing Table: B Worksheets, doodle boards and white paper with stamps

Listening Center: The Littlest Valentine by Brandi Dougherty

We read Am I Big or Little by Margaret Park Bridges. The children enjoyed discussing what they were bigger/smaller than. We also read Groundhog Day by Betsy Lewin.

Looking ahead, Show & Tell for Letter R will be on Wednesday.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Mrs. Kelley


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