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First week of 2021 in Pre-K 2

Hello Pre K Families,

Happy New Year!!

We had a great week in Pre-K! The children settled right back into our schedule!

This is what went on in the centers this week!

Dramatic Play- We have a skating rink and hot chocolate stand! I have told the children they can bring in a dress/costume to wear for the wonderful ice shows they are performing. In years past I have kept a few for all to use, but due to current guidelines, the children must not share these items. I will keep them in separate bags and they can be kept at school during the week and brought home on Thursdays.

Playdough- The children love making snowmen with the white glitter playdough, adding a hat, eyes, carrot nose and scarf.

Art Easel- This week at the easel the children made chalk drawings.

Discovery Table- We made a cloud in a cup. This was to simulate what happens when it rains. The cloud will hold the moisture until it can’t anymore ant it will begin to rain.

We took a clear cup, put shaving cream on top (cloud) then added drops of blue water on the cloud, the cloud will hold the blue drops until it finally lets go, and you can see it rain blue water inside the cup!

Art Table- Quilt Q and Queen Q and Q Tip painting.

This weeks reading street book was “Whatever The Weather by Karen Wallace. One day it snows, the next it hails, and then the sun shines. But why does William wish for rain?

We also read, The Mitten Tree, I am Snow and In the Winter.

Song- Tell me what the weather will be.

Q song- Little Duck Quivered

Letter of the week for next week is-G. Show and tell Tuesday for letter G.


Robin Pascal


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