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Having So Much Fun in The 3's This Week!

Our first full week in the 3's class was full of energy, fun and lots of smiles! We got to play outside and enjoy the nice weather, and had lots of fun inside too. The children are already starting to become familiar with our school routines, and they are all adjusting really well.

IMPORTANT INFO FOR NEXT WEEK- We'll be focusing on families next week. We would like your child to bring in a picture of your family on Tuesday for us to hang up on our "Family Tree" in the classroom.

This week -

Our book this week was I Like Me! by Nancy Carlson. This book is about a pig who talked about the different things she liked about herself. What's new in Centers- Art- I Like Me! coloring pages and I Like Me projects. The children told us something they like about themselves, then drew a picture of it. We also colored and decorated self portraits, which are now hanging on our bulletin board in the hallway! Discovery Table- Treasure Chests. Using shaped keys, the children had to find the matching treasure chest and unlock them to see what was inside. Easel- Blank face drawings. There was paper with the outline of a head, shoulders, and eye stickers. They used mirrors to look at their faces to help draw facial features and expressions. Math- Pompom coloring sorting using tongs. Play-dough- We are using red play-dough this month! The color will change each month. With the playdough were rollers, scissors and cookie cutters. Pretend center- We still have babies in our pretend center. They are having lots of fun taking care of and feeding the babies! Sensory Table- Corn and beans with big and small cups, big and small tubes, and measuring cups. In addition, we played with blocks, puzzles, dinosaurs, Alpha-bots and read lots of books from our library!

Have a great weekend!

Ashlee Taylor & Christina Renoni


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