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Hello December in Mixed Age!

Hello Mixed Ages Families,

Another great week in the books and the start of a new month. This month is already starting out very busy in our classroom and we have been getting lots of projects done. The kids enjoyed the new activities in the centers and have really been enjoying being together.

Here is what we had at each of the centers:

Math Table~ Shape roads with the transportation counters. We had a triangle, square, circle, rectangle, diamond and a star.

Discovery Table~ The kids had to help the animals cross the river by building a bridge out of popsicle sticks and wooden builders.

Easel~ On Tuesday they painted big white paper using a masher, scrub brush, sponge or a paint brush. This activity was a group project and they used green and white paint. When it was dry Mrs. Fyrberg cut it out and they continued the process art at the art table. The rest of the days they painted with water color, they all loved using the water colors.

Art/Writing Table~ Making gingerbread men that are now hanging out in the hallway. They enjoyed making them and each of them were so creative with the items to decorate them with. They also decorated the tree they painted at the easel using glue and tissue paper. Today they decorated felt wreaths with stickers which are now hanging on the tree on our bulletin board. They had candy cane ornaments with beads and a pipe cleaner to put together as well this week. The kids had Holiday stampers and and paper at the writing table and always opportunities for free art.

Pretend Center~ We now have a school with chalk boards, ABC wipe boards, back packs, books and Handwriting Without Tears magnet pieces. They enjoyed using the flash cards as well.

Sensory Table~ Magna tiles, jingle bells and magnet wands. This was a very popular spot to be at this week.



Stand up, Sit Down

Freeze Dance


A Hat for Minerva Louise

If you take a Mouse to the Movies

Llama, Llama Holiday Drama

Have a wonderful weekend!

Warm Regards,

Julie Haynes & Katy Fyrberg


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