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January Adventures in Enrichment!

Hi everyone!


While the weather outside has been gloomy this week, we've made the best of it and had lots of fun with obstacle courses and dancing! If we all make a wish for nice weather next week, maybe it will come true! 


Before February comes knocking, let's talk about VALENTINE'S DAY! A few things I want to touch on early to avoid any confusion in the upcoming weeks.

          The kids are welcome to bring in Valentine's cards to share with their classmates. PLEASE NO FOOD OR CANDY! Also, because of the time it takes to hand out cards, please only fill out the FROM portion of the card. (Have you ever tried to watch a 4/5 year old try to decipher their own writing... other 4/5 year olds writing... look through 13 bags to find the right one... during center time? It's not pretty. Lol!) We will have 13 children TOTAL in our class. 

          We will be making Valentine's bags in school, so no need to send in boxes or anything for Valentine collection. 

          The children can feel free to wear festive colors on Wednesday the 14th!

If you have any questions I can help clarify, please let me know!


Ms. Heather came for another visit this week! They really enjoyed being bats and explorers in a cave. They changed what they were doing based on what the music sounded like!


Our book this week was Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright and Stephen Gilpin. It's a silly story about a snowman who gets too cold and tries to warm himself up in different ways. But we know what happens when a snowman warms up! His friends try to help, and in the end he feels just right!


What was NEW in centers this week?

Art- We painted our own melted snowman using puffy paint and snowman accessories. They loved this!

Easel- The children decorated mittens using dot markers.

Math- We used clothes pins to match the written number and number of stars on mittens.

Discovery- Using magnifying glasses we investigated bug impressions on rocks.

These things, in addition to the pretend center, block area, writing table, library, and sensory table, we had lots of fun!


We hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Julie Haynes and Christina Renoni


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