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Lots of Learning in 4 Day Pre-K!

Hello Families!

This was such a short week after having no school Monday but we still managed to pack a lot into our time together! As a reminder it is starting to get cooler and our class goes outside for recess earlier in the day so please remember to pack a jacket! On Thursday the class got a special visit from Nurse Amanda. They got to test out her stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. She also talked about what she does at the hospital. The kids really enjoyed having her! The letter of the week was "H" and everyone did an awesome job with their show & tell! We got to meet a hen and a few horses, see some pretty cool hats and even enjoy a yummy hotdog!

At the art table the children got to make "H" Haunted Houses which came out pretty cool! We also had out a variety of Fall/Halloween pictures for them to color as well.

The sensory table was filled with corn and Halloween surprises! We had some eyeballs, bones, bats, spiders and skeleton arms. These children really love this area!

This was our last week for the kitchen in the dramatic play (I added a new activity over there on Friday!) The kids love cooking and playing with the baby dolls. We also have little figurines and animals in that area as well.

The block rug is ALWAYS full because the kids just love being able to build. We decided to move cars and trucks over there as well so they can build cities. The imagination these kids have is great!

At the math center this week we put out different scenes with cards that went along with them and the kids had to figure out how to sort them. This was a first for this activity and the kids really did an awesome job with sorting.

At the writing table we had different papers about the letter "H" and they practiced making H's with the wooden sticks.

At the Literacy Center we had "The Koala Who Could" by Rachel Bright and Jim Field on cd for them to listen and follow along with.

In the science center we had different pictures of animals and their foot tracks and they had to see if they could figure out which ones match.

We enjoyed a few different books this week- "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat", "Animals In Fall" and "Sweet Dreams- How Animals Sleep" by Kimiko Kajikawa.

I will be out on Tuesday but Mrs.Derbyshire and Mrs.Haynes will be in the classroom! We hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and we will see you all on Monday. Thank you!

-Mrs.Deighan & Mrs.Derbyshire


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