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Moving into May in Enrichment

Hi all!

First, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and gestures this week! I feel truly grateful for your children, and blessed to have such an amazing group of kids!

What a week it's been in Enrichment! Between filling our cookie jar and welcoming new caterpillar friends, our classroom has been full of excitement!

We started off the week by reading a non-fiction book about the life cycle of a caterpillar. Then the children were introduced to our newest class pets, a container of caterpillars. We're exceptionally lucky because we have the container of 3's class' caterpillars in the room too, so we get twice the amount of little friends to watch grow and change!

Our book this week was Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party by James and Kimberly Dean. Pete plans a pizza party for his friends, with the perfect pizza, which he thinks is pepperoni and extra cheese. As the party goes on, each friend wants to add a different topping (all starting with the letter P) to the pizza. In the end they made a "Pepperoni, Pretzel, Pistachio, Pickle, Popcorn, Papaya pizza". They had never tried all of those toppings before, but they liked it, and "in the end, the perfect pizza is shared with friends!"

A new month means all new centers!

New Centers in our classroom were...

Red bins- Puzzles about caterpillars, matching, and things starting with our letters of the week this month.

Yellow bins- Pepperoni counting- On each card there was a pizza with a different number of pepperoni on it, and under that were two wrong and one right answer. The kids had to count the number of pepperoni on the pizza, find the correct number and clip the corresponding numbered clothes pin to it.

Blue bin- In celebration of "May the 4th" there were Poe (from Star Wars) P letter finds

Green bins- The children used Magna Tiles and wooden blocks to build things for the animals

Pretend center- Farmers Market with all the things one would find there including fruits and vegetables, flowers, seed packets, jams, milk, yogurt, and more!

Art- With inspiration from our book we made pizza with pepperoni, pickles, pretzels, popcorn, papaya, and cheese on it!

Sensory bins- We have shape hole punches, decorative edged scissors, stickers, and scrapbooking paper to make fun things with! Don't be surprised if you get lots of bookmarks, or bags of shaped confetti home this month!

Playdough- Blue playdough with letter of the week playdough mats, butterflies, and spring shaped cookie cutters.

We ended the week with our Letter P Party! We even had Pink, Purple, and Pineapple tablecloths! The children were so happy to be celebrating with each other! Some of them tried new foods because their friends commented on how good it was! I'll take that as a win any day! I'm so proud of them, just as they should be proud of themselves! Please see the attached picture for a view of the celebration!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out!


Christina Renoni


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