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November Memories in Enrichment!

Good evening Enrichment families,

This week was short but sweet! We finished our session with Sensei Michael today. He taught the kids so much and we all enjoyed our time with him! Next Wednesday we start our cooking session with Ms. Pascal.

What’s new this week?

Book - Happy Pig Day by Mo Willems. In Happy Pig Day, Piggie celebrates her favorite day of the year. Gerald the Elephant wonders if he will be included in the festivities? Ask your child how the story ends!

Discovery - Habitat exploration. We discovered how animals who live in polar habitats stay warm, even in the ice!

Art - Thankful placemats. We have been talking a lot about being thankful this week, and will continue the conversation throughout November. At the art table, the children told us what they were thankful for and then drew a picture of it on their placemat!

Math - Leaf hunt. We hid different colored leaves around the classroom, then using colored frames the children had to find the leaves and match the colors. The kids had a lot of fun with this!

Easel - Turkey feather color sticker match.

Play dough table - This month we have brown play dough with googly eyes, feathers and other accessories to make little turkeys!

Sensory - We have a variety of paper, shaped hole punches, stickers, scissors, tape and crayons in our sensory bin. Using all of these materials, the children can make their own unique creations! It has been great to see what their imaginations come up with.

Writing table - Envelopes and name writing practice. With the art they made at the sensory table, the children can then come over to the writing table to seal up their creations. We practiced writing their own names, and helped them address a lot of the envelopes to their family and friends!

Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you all next Monday!

Ashlee Taylor & Christina Renoni


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