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Starting 2024 Off Right in Enrichment!

Hi everyone!


We hope you all had a good break and a relaxing holiday (lol, I know! I'm talking to the parents of preschoolers here! Relaxing is not in their vocabulary!)


Well, we started the year off with lots of new things in the classroom! Our book this week was The Hat by Jan Brett. The pictures in all of her books are dynamic and detailed. There is so much to look at in Jan Brett books, that sometimes the story takes a back seat. The children learned this week that Ms. Brett often hides clues in her art to tell you what is coming up next in the story! If you're looking for a book to start a conversation with your child, you can't go wrong with any Jan Brett book. And she's a Massachusetts gal! Now, about the book itself... The Hat follows a curious hedgehog "Hedgie" as he explores, and subsequently gets stuck in a wool stocking that's flown off the clothes line. His barnyard friends all make fun of him for "wearing a hat", as he describes it, but all find themselves interested in finding clothes for themselves!


Also, ask your children about Mat Man! Everyone got a chance to add a part of Mat Man's body as we listened to the song that gave us directions on how to put him together!


What was NEW in centers this week?

Art- The children made their own Hedgies by gluing different materials to replicate Hedgie's prickles. You'll find them hanging on the big board outside our classroom.

Easel- We decorated our own hats by matching shape stickers to the shapes on hat pictures.

Math- Using a felt board and winter pictures we played a matching game.

Playdough- We have "Snow"dough this month! White playdough with snowman and snowflake dough cutters.

Pretend center- We have boxes with different buttons and faces on them to make a snowman, a clothesline with mittens, hats, and clothespins, and we're even doing some ice fishing (magnetic fishing poles, and magnetic fish in an "ice" box)

Discovery- Magnetic letter tracing boards

Blocks-The children now get to add calico critters with a toy house, and cars with a road rug to their choices in the block area. Though, the blocks are still a big hit!

Sensory table- Playing with fake snow (baking soda and hair conditioner), arctic animals, and cups made for lots of fun in the table!

SPECIAL REQUEST- We would appreciate it if you could all check your child's extra pair of clothes for the appropriate size and season. Thanks!


Have a great weekend!

Christina Renoni and Julie Haynes 


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