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Still Having Fun in Mixed Age!

Hello Mixed Age Families!!

We had some beautiful weather this week, and we all enjoyed some much needed sunshine outside! The children have made great progress in remembering our routines already, and it’s so great hearing them complete my sentences because they know what’s coming next! I’m also seeing friendships emerging! We always talk about how we are all friends in our class, but I heard a few times this week things like “I’m playing with my besties,” and asking about friends who aren’t in class, which is so heartwarming. We’ve got a great group of kiddos!

As part of learning how to sit on the rug and take turns speaking, I have started asking a daily question. Their answers never disappoint! As it turns out, most of the friends prefer sunny weather, and one specifically prefers sunny weather on Labor Day. We also talked about what we like to do on a Saturday, and it sounds like you all are having a very busy weekend :)

Here’s a recap of what we did in our centers this week. Our sensory table, play dough, and pretend centers change monthly, and are all still very busy!

Discovery: This week we had a variety of sealed bottles containing different liquids or metal objects for the children to investigate. There was lots of shaking to hear the different sounds the objects made, as well as shaking to mix the liquids and watch them slowly settle and separate. There were also magnet wands, and the children worked very hard bringing the metal items all the way up to the top of the bottles with the wands.

Math: This week at the math table we had a scale with foam letters, alphabet blocks and rubber fruit pieces to weigh. The children worked hard to balance the sides of the scale, and also enjoyed comparing the weights of the different materials.

Art: At the art table we made apple baskets! Most of these were able to go home already. The children had brown strips of paper of various sizes and were asked how they might make a basket to hold some apples. Once the glueing process was complete, they used apple slices to stamp apples into their basket. We also always have free art materials and coloring pages.

Art Easel: We painted with finger puppets! Large construction paper and silicone finger puppets dipped in paint was the center to be at this week. Our drying rack worked overtime, and it was so fun to watch these paintings being created.



The Floor is Lava

Better When I’m Dancing

Cant Sit Still

We’re Going on a Dinosaur Hunt

Rocket Ship Run

Let it Go


Stack the Cats

Sammy and the Dinosaurs

The Pigeon has Feelings Too

Five Little Monkeys Take a Bath

Our Class is a Family

I look forward to seeing you all next week,

Thank you!

Katy Fyrberg


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