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Week 2 in Pre-K 1!

Hello Everyone,

Our first full week in Pre-K was a great one! Everyone is enjoying the time in our classroom & the beautiful weather outside during recess. Our class loves to ride bikes, play chase & pretend they are puppies.

We began our Reading Street Curriculum this week. Our first unit is Building Our Homes. Our Reading Street book was The House in the Meadow by Shutta Crum.

"Over in the meadow there's a spring wedding, with the couple's 10 best friends to celebrate. What's next? A house! 9 diggers, 8 masons, 7 carpenters, 6 well diggers, 5 roofers, 4 plumbers, 3 electricians, 2 painters, and 1 inspector show up with all their trucks and tools to build a new house. And when the couple and their friends have a house-warming party, a new baby comes, too!"

Our vocabulary words from our story were build, carpenter, paint, climbed, pipes and roof.

There is a song that goes along with our book each week. This week our song was Build A House...the children really liked this song. We sing and come up with movements to go along with the song.

The other books we read this week were Fox Makes Friends by Adam Relf and That's What Friends Are For by Julia Hubery.

Our Centers this week:

Writing Table: Chalkboards, Handwriting Without Tears Worksheets and coloring pages.

Discovery Table: Sensory Bottles

Math Table: Geoboards-this was a popular spot with children making shapes and letters by stretching elastics on the pegs of the boards.

Art Easel: Shape Stampers at the beginning of the week and sponge painting apple trees at the end of the week.

Art Table: Apple craft or as the children called it the "Big Red Juicy Apple Craft". It made me smile that they remembered the story we read last week. For this project, the children ripped red paper and glued it on to cover all the white of their plate. They had a lot of fun ripping the paper and tearing it helps to develop their fine motor skills. On Thursday and Friday, there were materials to make a house (craft sticks, colored popsicle sticks, toothpicks, cotton balls, markers). One of my favorite things is to see what the children create with the materials provided.

Listening Center: Charlie Goes To School by Ree Drummond.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Mrs. Kelley


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