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Week 2 in the 3's

We had another great week at school! The children seem to be settling in and are starting to feel more comfortable in the classroom. We have also been having a lot of fun playing outside. Playground favorites are sliding, bouncing, riding bikes, and digging in the sandbox.

This week at CIRCLE TIME we listened to the Animal Boogie story by Debbie Harter again. The children liked guessing which animal would be on the next page, and shaking like a bear, slithering like a snake, and flapping like a bird. We also danced with scarves and tried the Freeze Dance. We have some great dancers in our class!

Here is what’s happening in CENTERS!

Block Play: The children have been building lots of cool creations with the wooden blocks. They have also been practicing taking turns with the toy tractors. Sharing and turn-taking are difficult concepts for preschool-age children. We start by teaching them appropriate phrases to use when playing with their peers. The phrases we are working on are: “I’m playing with this toy,” “My turn,” and “Can I have a turn?”

Math Table: The students played with nesting shape puzzles. They liked figuring out which shape “rings” went on which wooden puzzle-base. Shapes we explored were circles, squares, triangles, and hexagons.

Art: The boys and girls practiced using glue sticks. They used the glue sticks to glue small paper circles onto a bigger circle. Glue sticks can be tricky, but they did a great job! We also decorated rainbow apples with dot markers. Look for them on the hallway bulletin board next week!

Sensory Table: Students are still having fun using the magnet wands to search for bingo chips and magnetic letters.

Playdough: This was a busy center again this week. Lots of rolling, cutting and squishing going on. Playing with playdough is a great opportunity for the children to build up strength in the small muscles in their fingers and hands.

Pretend Center- The kiddos are still having lots of fun picking apples off the trees, cooking lots of food and caring for the baby dolls.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great weekend! We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Your teachers,

Brenda Daday & Christina Renoni


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