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Week 3 in Enrichment

Hi everyone! We had another great week in Enrichment! We're continuing to introduce new classroom routines and classroom rules as the weeks progress. This week was an exciting one! This week we introduced our Classroom Cookie Jar. The class earns paper cookies for demonstrating thumbs-up school behavior. After earning a specific number of cookies, the class earns a reward! This week we were practicing our school rule, “Take care of our friends and teachers” by sitting criss cross applesauce, hands in our laps and “Level 0” voices during rug time. The students reached their goal and earned FIVE cookies on Monday and Tuesday! Their reward was 5 extra minutes on the playground on Wednesday! They were very excited and very proud of themselves, as they should be! Our book this week was Only One You By Linda Kranz. The students read about the "wisdom" that Mama and Papa shared with Adri as he was growing up. As a group we discussed some of these things like, always be on the lookout for a new friend, appreciate art, and most importantly, "there's only one you in this great big world, make it a better place." The students created some art like only they could create. Using coffee filters, markers, water, and later stickers they created their own Adri fish.

This week in centers we played in/with...

  • Pretend Center: Apple picking and making apple pies

  • Sensory Bins: Shape erasers/Letter Beads with tweezers and cups hidden in paper shred

  • Green Bins: Colorful blocks and people

  • Yellow Bins: Picture color matching and sorting

  • Red Bins: Puzzles

  • Blue Bins: Discovery bottles were filled with "ocean water" and animals Adri might find in the ocean

  • Art: Creating Adri fish and Hidden name art

  • Playdough: Green playdough with scissors, rolling pins, and apple playdough mats for shape experimenting

I wanted to let you all know that I'm storing the extra masks that you sent in in the classroom, for easy access in case we need them. If you wish for them not to be kept at school please let me know and I'll send them home.  Also, please be sure to check your child's backpack for papers being sent home, both ones that they have created and ones from the office. Giving a squirt of hand sanitizer to each child as they head out to you doesn't leave my hand free for handing out papers, and we have some very exciting things that you won't want to miss! Thanks so much! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! Enjoy your weekend! ~Christina Renoni


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