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Week 7 in Pre-K 1

Hi All,

What a great week we had! We ended "T" Week with a live online performance by Mrs. T! For those of you unfamiliar with Mrs. T, she has been a monthly visitor to Jack and Jill for years. She provides wonderful stories and songs and is always a hit with the children! Due to the times, she cannot come in person this year, but that didn't stop us from singing & dancing along with her today. Mrs. Lay sent her a message that we were watching & she said hello to Jack and Jill!

Our Reading Street this week was The Seals on the Bus by Lenny Hort. "Two children and their parents board a city bus on their way to a party. At the next stop, who should get on but a group of seals who holler "errp, errp, errp" at the top of their lungs. Each time the bus stops a new kind of animal joins the passengers". The very first day we read this, the children asked me to read it again. They loved it! Make sure to ask them about the animals that boarded the bus and what ends up happening that causes the people to say "help, help, help". Our Reading Street song was Monkeys on the Bus. Vocabulary words we talked about were bus, monkeys, party, seals, town and vipers.

Our Letter Song this week was Tam Put on a Tank.

We also read T-Rex Trick or Treats by Lois G. Grambling.

Other activities included:

Math: Count & Link Activity Kit....the children would count out links to match to numbers 1-20 and attach the links to the cards

Project Table: Scarecrows for our bulletin board (I will send a picture of these next week)

Candy Corn (ripping white, yellow and orange paper & gluing it)

Today we began a spider web project

Writing Table: T Worksheets, T Booklets, Color by number worksheets

Art Easel: Watercolor painting-leaves and white paper available for free art

The children have been having so much fun at recess. They have been very busy playing hide & seek, duck, duck, goose, hopscotch, ring toss and even making up their own games. I have attached a few pictures of our time outside so you can see all the fun they are having.

Looking ahead, next week our Letter of the Week will be I. Show & Tell will be on Wednesday.


Mrs. Kelley


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