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Week 9 in 3's

Welcome November! Lots of new materials and activities going on in the classroom that go along with our FARM theme. November is also the month where I do assessments to see what the children have learned so far. I will mostly observe the children while they play, but I will also spend some one-on-one time with them to see just how much they know. You will receive a “report card” in December and we will also have a virtual conference, during which we can discuss your amazing child! Mrs. Renoni and I are so incredibly proud of our students!

This week at CIRCLE TIME we listened to another Barefoot Book called, Driving My Tractor. The music recording retells the story of a farmer driving his tractor around the farm and picking up animals as he goes. This was a great story to start off our Farm unit. Check it out on the Barefoot Books website or on their YouTube channel!

Here is what’s NEW in centers this week:

Art: Puffy-paint pigs and paper-plate cows. Painting a pig was a “have-to” this week, but lots of students made cows as well. Check out the photo of our bulletin board!

Discovery Bins: Students matched puzzle pieces with the heads and tails of different farm animals.

Red Bins: The girls and boys played with a barn, tractors, and farm animals.

Yellow Bins: More pegs this week. I used this activity to start assessing the students’ counting skills. During the first year of preschool, we focus on counting 1-5 by touching each object as we count. The kiddos did a great job!

Green Block Bins: Children used duplo blocks to build pens and houses for the farm animals.

Pretend Center: WORKSHOP! Our Pretend Center has been transformed into a woodworking shop, complete with tool bench, tools, and wooden blocks. The boys and girls had a blast hammering and sawing the wood.

Playdough Bins: Pink playdough, mini farm animals, scissors and rollers. The children are getting lots of good cutting practice with the playdough scissors. It’s a great first step. Soon we will move on to cutting paper!

Sensory Bins: Children used their “pinchy” fingers to stick beautiful colored feathers into foam blocks. Some pretended to make birthday cakes and sang Happy Birthday!

Have a great weekend! We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Your teachers,

Brenda Daday & Christina Renoni


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