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Week of January 19th in Mixed Age

Hello Mixed Age Families,

These short weeks are always so fast but we got a lot accomplished in our two days of school. They have really been enjoying cooking in the pretend canter and taking care of the babies who had a nice selection of fruit slayed out for them. Here are some of the other things we did in the classroom.

Math Table~ Colored bears and cups for counting and sorting.

Discovery Table~ Snowman sensory bags with hair gel in a ziplock bag. There was a snowman drawn on the outside of the bag and hair gel, pompoms, buttons and a little plastic carrot on the inside to dress the snowman. The top was taped closed to make sure we had no leaking.

Art/Writing~ They painted melted snowman with a shaving cream and glue mixture and then added all the pieces to it. Today they painted with dot markers and practiced some cutting skills.

Easel~ This week we had big paper, rulers, protractors, colored pencils and highlighters. This was a very popular place this week.

Listening Center~ Little Penguin Stays Awake By Tadgh Bentley

Puzzles & Games~ The kids have been enjoying the little plastic pipes out on the shelf. They were making some long pipes and sprayers.


Edward Gets Messy By Rita Meade

Little Penguin Stays Awake By Tadgh Bentley


I've Been Working on the Railroad

Freeze Dance

Silly Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt

Animal Action 1

Letter K is our letter of the week, I'm looking forward to seeing everyones objects on Monday!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Warm Regards,

Julie Haynes


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