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Welcoming November in Mixed Age!

Good Afternoon Mixed Age Families,

We had a good week this week in our classroom but are missing all of our friends that were not with us, we are hoping you will all be back nest week! The weather has been absolutely beautiful and the kids have been enjoying their outside time.


~~ We DO have school on Tuesday, the public school in Attleboro do not.

~~ We DO NOT have school on Friday November 11 as it is Veteran's Day.

Here is what we did in the classroom this week.

Math Table~ Numbered keys 1-10 and keys to open them

Discovery~ Magnet balls and sticks for building

Easel~ Painting turkeys with q-tips using orange, yellow, red and yellow

Sensory Table~ Mrs. Fyrberg has made a mixture of white beans, homemade pompoms of different sizes and felt cut into pie crusts. They have pie tins, measuring cups and tongs to use for the yummy pie making.

Art/Writing Table~ This week we made turkeys and pumpkin pies. They are. now hanging up on the bulletin board in the hallway; those fronds who were not here this week will make them when they come back to school.

Play dough~ We have brown play dough this month and they have feathers, beads and google eyes for making their own little turkeys. we also have leaf cookie cutters for them to use.


Grumpy Monkey

Thank You, Mr. Panda

Time to Sleep


Freeze dance

Tutti Ta

Chicken Dance

We are the Dinosaurs

On Wednesday we had the Goldfish Swim School come into talk about WATER Safety. W-Wear your life jacket, A-Act, throw don't go, T-Take swimming lessons, E- Educate; learn swim safety skills, R-Respect; play it cool and follow the rules!

Seeds of Stem: This week we read Panda's Problem. It's about a panda who lives in the bamboo forest. Some people came and were cutting the bamboo and panda who like to play hide and seek climbed in one of the boxes that had a red circle on it. The box was put on a truck and then an airplane and ended up in our classroom on Tuesday after bathroom time. The kids were very excited to think that Panda was now in our classroom. We talked at snack time on ways we could open the box so we wouldn't hurt him or scare him. The next day we sat together on the rug and talked about it again and came up with ways to open it as it was wrapped with tape, ribbon and yarn. They all took turns puling the strands off and carefully pulling the tape off and found panda safely in side. They were all so excited. Panda will be in our classroom and sometimes will have a "problem" that everyone can work together to solve. Panda has been resting nicely in a bed on the shelf after his big adventure!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!!


Julie Haynes & Katy Fyrberg


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