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Wrapping Up September in Mixed Age!

Hello Mixed Age Families,

This week was a good week in our classroom, we have been loving getting to know each one of your children each day. They all are keep themselves very busy and play very nicely together. There is lots of talking this week about the trains going by J&J so on Tuesday we counted how many went by.....16 trains went by while we were at school. Our classroom sink sometimes makes noise during the day, we now say we have a talking sink so if anyone mentions that you know what they are talking about!

Here is what we had at the centers this week:

Math Table~ Colored dinosaurs and bowls with tweezers

Discovery Table~ Magna-tile stick people

Art/Writing Table~ Fingerprint apple trees and stickers with white paper. The were busy drawing pictures and using the magna doodle boards.

Easel~ Dot painting pictures

Pretend Center~ Is now a Farm Stand with fruits, veggies, popcorn, pastries, pies, cupcakes an flowers. They have been loving the cash register as well.


Duck on a Tractor

The Apple Pie Tree

Pete the Cat Autumn

Go Away Big Green Monster

Bear Snores On


Body Rock

Bean Bag Boogie

Listen & Move

Chicken Dance

Stand Up, Sit Down

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

If You're Happy and You Know It

Things we are working on in the classroom:

As we are doing the line to go the bathroom the kids get to take turns calling their friends to line, this will help with name recognition and using their big voices to call a friend.

Putting their coats and backpacks on the back of their chair at snack time.

Zipping up their backpacks after they have packed up their belongings.

Thank you for all of the classroom supplies that were donated last week! We are good for October with all of the generous things you donated!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Julie Haynes& Katy Fyrberg


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