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Wrapping up September in Mixed Age

Hello Mixed Age Families,

Well here we are in October already, September flew by very quickly. The kids having been enjoying singing the days of the week and talking about the month we are in each day at calendar time, we count each number on the calendar all together, they noticed at our morning meeting time that all the numbers were gone on the calendar today. They all have been very excited to take turns being our weather person each day. Its been so fun watching them all form relationships and working together.

Here is what we did in the classroom this week:

Math Table~ Apples of different sizes and colors and a scale for weighing and sorting.

Discovery Table~ Wood pieces along with tongue depressors and little plastic animals. They enjoyed building structures, bridges, trees and even cars!! They are a super creative bunch!!

Easel~ Dot Painting apple pictures

Art~ Parts of an apple activity as well as gluing apples cutouts on to a tree. We always have markers and crayons on the table for them to use as well.

Sensory Table~ Alphabet puzzle pieces.


Dancing Dinos goes to School By Sally Lucas

An Apple a Day By Melvin Berger (this was a BIG book)

Ten Dirty Pigs/Ten Clean Pigs By Carol Roth

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom By Bill Martin Jr.

Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to do By Eileen Christelow


Hot Dog Wiggling Dance

Piano Project Animal Action 1

Freeze Dance Silly Bear Hunt

Baby Shark Hamster Dance ( freeze dance style)

T-rex Dance

On Tuesday we had rainy day so Mrs Fyrberg taught a yoga class to us. they did some stretching, breathing and learned some yoga poses. She also read a very cute story The Three Little Yogis By Susan Verde.

Show and Tell on Monday. Our letter of the week is going to be A, please bring in something that starts with the letter A. Everyone will have a chance to talk about their one letter A object at our morning meeting Monday morning. They will also be bringing home a letter A sheet to practice writing A's at home. If they bring the paper back next week they will get a sticker on their finished work. Please make sure their name is on it as well, this is a good way for them to practice writing their own names. This is not a have to activity just something fun if they want to do it!! :)


Julie Haynes & Katy Fyrberg


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