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About Us

Our Mission


          To stimulate the child’s natural curiosity and develop his/her awareness         

          To encourage the child to investigate his/her environment


          To help the child search for new ideas and increasing knowledge


          To help the child make decisions for himself/herself


          To enable the child to form satisfying relationships


          To help the child realize he/she is an important person


Jack and Jill Pre-School Philosophy of Education
We believe that each child is a unique individual with:
  • Their own rate of development
  • Their own style of learning
  • Their own needs on the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual levels
We believe that all children need:
  • To explore and manipulate their environment.
  • To feel acceptance as a worthwhile person.
  • To feel success and satisfaction in their own endeavors.
  • To have their individual needs understood.
  • To receive positive reinforcement and praise.
  • To have the security of an environment that is predictable and consistent.
  • The stimulation to learn and the tools in which to do so.
  • To be encouraged to broaden their scope to include acceptance of the differences in people and the world around them.
We believe that quality Early Childhood Education should strike a harmonious balance involving:
  • Physical development
  • Emotional stability
  • Social development
  • Intellectual stimulation
We believe that acceptance, approval, and appreciation are the foundations for academic achievement.
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