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Another Fun Week in Mixed Age!

Hello Mixed Age Families,

We had a good week in our classroom. We have had a few visitors this week as well as lots of busy activities. to do. Officer Joe came with his police car on Thursday for the kids to get an up close look at in and they were even able to press the button that turned on the blue lights. On Friday Mr. G (Mrs. Renoni's father) came in and read us I Took the Moon for a Walk. Always fun to have a new person visit our classroom.

Here is what we did in the classroom this week:

Math Table~ Math link cables

Discovery Table~ "Spider Webs" with plastic spiders and tweezers. They had fun using the tweezers trying to get the spiders out of the webs.

Easel~ Lego painting with orange paint on the paper pumpkins on Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday they glued on pumpkin shapes onto paper, good way to practice using a glue stick!!!

Art/Writing Table~ Red and yellow make orange painting. They each got a squirt of red and yellow paint and used a paintbrush to mix the two colors together to make orange. They added face pieces to them to make jack-o-lanterns and now they are hanging up in the hallway. We had dot painting, stickers and stamps out as well.

Puzzles & Games Table~ Wooden shape puzzles and opposite cards. Today they enjoyed putting together 12 piece wooden vehicle puzzles (Thank you to the Andrews Family)!


Halloween Dream Wiggling Dance

Monster Mash Freeze Dance

Let's go Swimming We are the Dinosaurs


It's Pumpkin Time

Peppa Pig I can be Anything

This week we started our Seeds of Stem activities. We have introduced the Problem Box; we put things in there that we see in the classroom like an art paper with no name on it, a broken toy a marker with no cover and we talk about how we can fix the problem. This will be an ongoing activity throughout the school year as well as adding new activities for problem solving.

Things to work on at home:

-Putting on backpacks all by themselves

-Unzipping and zipping up backpacks

- When you get to school your child should be hanging up their coats on their hooks first and then their backpacks, this make it easier for them when we are gathering up belonging for snack time.

We are always there to help the children but encourage them to be able to do these things independently. When they succeed at a task the excitement and joy they feel is priceless. We do a lot of cheering on throughout the morning. Thank you for your assistance!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Julie Haynes & Katy Fyrberg


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