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Celebrating love and friendship in Mixed Age

Hello Mixed Age Families,

Well here we are in the middle of February and starting our school vacation week which is next week. The kids have really enjoyed playing with each other exploring the classroom together. I have truly enjoyed watching the relationships that are growing in our classroom and the friendships being formed.

Here is what we did on our classroom this week!

Math~ Plastic people counters and wood pieces. This activity is always popular and they love sorting the people and putting them on the top of the wood pieces.

Discovery~ Sensory bottles filled with either baby oil water mixture with gems, water vegetable oil and glitter, corn syrup water and stars with a little finger puppet and baby oil water and glitter. There was also food coloring to add a little festive color to each of the bottles.

Art/Writing~ I love you to pieces project using scrap pieces of tissue paper or ribbon. They also decorated paper plate wreaths using heart stickers, stamps & glitter lip stickers. There was also Valentine coloring sheets for the kids to color.

Easel~ Dot painting hearts as well as markers to use to decorate the hearts.

Listening Center~ Shark Kiss, Octopus Hug By Kevin Cornell


Wiggling Dance

Silly Bear Hunt

Freeze Dance

I've Been Working in the Railroad

Stand Up, Sit Down


Little Owls Snow By Divya Srinivasan

The Lion who Wanted to love By Giles Andreae

My Heart is like a Zoo By Michael Hall

Today the kids had fun delivering their Valentine's Day cards to their friends. They all had a special cookie at snack time and we did some extra dancing at music time. I found some new songs to dance to; Valentine's Freeze Dance & Valentine's Move Dance. Fun was had by all.

Letter N is our show and tell when we come back on February 22.

In the past we have had a classroom pet (stuffed animal) that has gone home with a child each weekend. Mrs. Lay has came out with a new activity to do for each of the classrooms. Our class now has a Flat Mrs. Haynes, each week a child will take "me" home in a folder. There is a Memoji that looks like me glued on a popsicle stick. There is white paper to write down what you have done with Flat Mrs. Haynes and the adventures you have taken her on. You can take pictures or draw pictures and write in the journal that is in the folder. Flat Mrs. Haynes comes back the Monday after the weekend. I look forward to seeing all the fun things Flat Mrs. Haynes will be doing with all of you!!!

Have a wonderful school vacation week and I will see you on February 22!!

Warm Regards,

Julie Haynes


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