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First week of 2021 in Mixed Age

Hello Mixed Age Families,

We had a great few days although we were missing some of our friends. Hopefully everyone will be back next week. It is hard to believe that that our first week of school in January is over. and that s is 2021. Just a reminder to have your child bring a hat and mittens (soft mittens work best on those non snowy days) to school everyday.

Here is what we did at school this week:

Math Table~ Numbered mittens 1-10 with clothespins to use as counters. Clothespins are a good tool to use to strengthen those finger muscles.

Discovery Table~ Brainflakes, The kids love to build with these when we have them out in the class.

Art/Writing Table~ Name snowmen and mitten decorated with stamps using different color stamp pads. The kids had to count the letters in their names and build a snowman with that many snowballs. They are now hanging in the hallway on the bulletin board. Please see attached photo.

Easel~ White chalk on blue paper.

Listening Center~ All Right or Ready By Jory John

Pretend Center~ Babies and kitchen stuff. Lots of cooking going on this week and I had been giving many cups of egg tea and porridge.

Sensory Bins~ Each of their bins are filled with black beans and star beads and little cups. They have tweezers in their bins to use to pick up the small star beads and to put them into the cups.

Play-doh~ Blue and white with sparkles in each of the colors. There are winter cookie cutters along with snowman pieces to use so they can create their own little snowmen.


When Winter Comes

Copy me, Copy cub

Time to Sleep


Freeze Dance

Wiggle your Fingers

Animal Action

Bear Hunt

Letter I is our show and tell next week :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Warm Regards,

Julie Haynes


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