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January Joy in Pre-K 2!

Good afternoon Pre-K 2 families,

We were so happy to see the sun this week! We had lots of fun outside during recess. The children have such wonderful imaginations that really come out on the playground. They make up elaborate games that involve running and climbing, which is a great way to start our day.


Stories: "Mice on Ice" by Ed and Rebecca Emberley and “Follow the Polar Bears” by Sonia Black

Rhyme: Little Miss Muffet

Book Skills Focus: What is the title of the book? Can you hear any rhyming words?

Skills: Labeling Handwriting without Tears wood pieces and sorting them into big lines, small lines, big curves and small curves, same and different

Seeds of STEM: Intro to ICE and WATER- The children learned new vocabulary words (ice, water, cold, hot, melt) and used their senses to explore ice cubes and cold/warm water.

Here's what's happening at CENTERS:

Art- more winter process art with paint, glue and glitter, polar bear craft, coloring pages with stamps and stickers, painting with q-tips at the easel

Blocks- plastic cups, igloos, ice and water mats, snowballs, animals

Dramatic Play- Woodworking and Construction with tools, workbench, styrofoam and golf tees for hammering, wood blocks

Writing/Library- books about winter, Handwriting without Tears materials for practicing the letter I, winter vocabulary word hunt, drawing and writing on the chalkboard

Playdough: blue playdough with rollers, scissors, penguins, gems and mini erasers

Math- numeral writing practice, counting and matching quantity to numeral while building igloos with plastic ice blocks

Science- The children matched little animal figures with pictures of their footprints.

Sensory Table- The children used their senses to explore ice blocks and practiced oral language skills while answering open-ended questions about the ice.

Reminder that there is NO SCHOOL on Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to seeing the kiddos on Tuesday, January 17th!


Brenda Daday


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