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Week 6 in Mixed Age

Hello All,

These weeks are flying by, we packed a lot in even though we only had 2 days of school this week. I put everyone's extra clothes in their backpacks. Please make sure that the clothes that are in the bags are for the seasonable weather and I will remove them form their backpacks on Monday. We have noticed that some of the kids are having trouble pulling up their pants after they use the bathroom, elastic waist pants are a good choice instead of jeans as it gives them the feeling of independence. I am always their to help them if needed. Thank you in advance.

Here is what we did in the classroom:

Math Table~ Colored pumpkin match. There was one big pumpkin of each color and they had to match up the little pumpkins with it the big one.

Discovery Table~ Brain Flakes to build with. These are great for strengthening their finger muscles. They made one wheeled bikes, cars and towers.

Art~ 5 Little Pumpkin activity. They glued on their gate pieces and then they chose 5 pumpkin stickers they wanted to put on their gates. They also had paper and stickers to use for free art!!

Easel~ Scrub brush painting with yellow and red paint. This is always a hit with the kids. using different painting tools is always fun.

Sensory Bins~ Corn and dried beans along with small pinecones, a small black cauldron and leaves with the letters of their names on them.

Pretend Center~ The kids have loved having the apple orchard in the classroom. They love the apple trees and sorting the fruit and vegetables in the baskets.

Play-doh~ This area was super busy this week and we had a lot of pumpkin cookies that were made.


Growing Pumpkins By Melvin Berger (this is a big book)

Where's my Teddy By Jez Alborough


5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a Gate

Tutti Ta

Silly Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt

Wiggle your Fingers

Number Rock

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Julie Haynes


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