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A Fun Week in the 3's

Good afternoon 3’s families,

Today was PAJAMA DAY!

We had lots of fun playing and learning in our pjs. The children are really enjoying all of our dinosaur-themed activities.

This week at CIRCLE TIME,

· We read Roar: A Dinosaur Tour by Michael Paul. This story told us about all the different features dinosaurs can have such as tails, sails, spikes, plates, necks, etc. We have also been working on sorting things by size: big and small. Looking at the pictures in our dinosaur books is a great opportunity for the students to point out big and small dinosaurs. Looking for big and small objects is a great activity to do with your child while reading books at home, or shopping at the grocery store. After the children have the concept of “big” and “small”, we will add in “medium”.

· We danced to Laurie Berkner’s We are the Dinosaurs Marching.

· We played our KIND or UNKIND game. Children took turns placing pictures into KIND and UNKIND categories.

What’s new in CENTERS this week

Playdough Bins: Children loved playing with the purple and green sparkly playdough (thank you Mrs. Renoni!). We also added small plastic dinosaur skeletons and dinosaur erasers. The boys and girls are still working hard using the playdough scissors and squeezers. They have done a great job with these skills and their hands and fingers are getting stronger!

Sensory Bins: We kept our kinetic sand for the month of March. We have added dinosaurs, eggs, and shamrock/coin counters. The children have figured out that you can fill the egg with the sand and it makes a perfect egg shape- that you can squish!

Art: Students used crayons and markers to color baby dinosaurs, and dot markers to decorate dinosaur eggs. We also painted more dinosaurs. These kiddos LOVE to paint!

Discovery Bins: More fine motor practice this week with Potato Heads. The children love making silly potato heads and showing them off to their friends and teachers.

Yellow Bins: Counting practice this week! Children practiced one-to-one correspondence while placing the correct number of foam pieces into each numeral puzzle.

Green Bins: dinosaurs, landscape blocks, laminated paper ponds or “oceans” as the children call them

Red Bins: community helper vehicles, Paw Patrol figures

Pretend Center: pizza and sandwich shop

Next Friday, 3/19 is Disney Day! Your child is welcomed to wear their favorite Disney-themed attire. If your child does not have Disney attire, they may wear their favorite color to school (I don’t have Disney-themed clothing, so I will be wearing my favorite color! Have a wonderful weekend!

Your teachers,

Brenda Daday & Christina Renoni


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