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On to April in Pre-K 1

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to meet for Conferences on Tuesday. It was nice to have the opportunity to be face to face over Zoom and discuss your wonderful children.

Talk about a fast week! Because we only had 3 days of school this week, we took a break from our Reading Street Curriculum. We did listen to The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright. And we read Too Many Bunnies by Trace Moroney and Wacky Wednesday by Theo Le Sieg.

Our Letter of the Week was W. Our Letter Sound Song was Walk This Way in Wet Weather.

Activities in our classroom included:

Art Easel: Finger Painting on Monday

Watercolor Painting on Wednesday and Thursday....The children in our class show such enthusiasm. I had requests to bring back finger painting again as well as to have another day with the watercolors. Get ready for more beautiful creations next week!

Project Table: We continued Salt Art Names on Monday. One of my favorite comments was "I'm like a scientist when I drop the paint on the salt".

W is for Watermelon....the children painted a paper plate to be a slice of watermelon and added seeds. This was very popular.

Discovery Table: Air Pressure Experiment-the children used a straw between two sponges in a sandwich bag to move objects with just air. They had fun seeing the pom poms move and worked hard to get them into little cups. I then added feathers and we talked about the difference in how the objects moved.

Math Table: Counting Sticks...the children would put a number in front of the wooden stick and then thread that amount of wooden rings on.

Writing Table: W Worksheets, Cutting Practice and Doodle Boards

Play Doh: We now have yellow play doh & Spring cookie cutters

Pretend Center: Today, the children came in and we now have a Pizza Shop. This was the place to be! The children were doing a great job of taking turns of being the customer/wait staff. There are menus, an order pad to write on, pizzas, chips, salad, pizza cutters and bread to slice.

Looking ahead, next week our Letter of the Week will be X. Show and Tell will be on Wednesday. Picture Day is also on Wednesday!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Kelley


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