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Playful Discoveries in Enrichment!

Good afternoon!

As the days get warmer, and the trees start to get their leaves, we continue to love our outdoor time. We spend lots of time playing pretend, riding bikes, and drawing with chalk!

This week we read Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn. It's a story about a girl who loves the poem "Mary, Mary quite contrary", and her journey through, planting, working, waiting, and enjoying her garden. Then we wondered and talked about what kind of garden we would grow! It was a fun conversation! We also read The Very Impatient Caterpillar. It's the first book of a funny series about a caterpillar who is impatient during his metamorphosis!

What was NEW in centers this week?

Art- A special secret (for now) project 😉

Easel- Dot marker flowers

Math- Straw and connector building and creating

Discovery- Last week we had caterpillars.. this week we got to watch them in their chrysalis'!

Sensory table- This month we have a space table! Black beans, glitter letters, star beads, scoops, and star cupcake liners have made for fun exploring!

These things, in addition to some things we had last week let us learn in all sorts of ways!

Have a lovely weekend!


Christina Renoni and Julie Haynes


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