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The Last Week in April in Enrichment

Hi everyone!

I want to start off by giving you a heads up about the "Snacks with Someone Special" info that came home today. It has a due date of April 30th on it, which would be rather difficult to do considering your kids don't come back to school before then. I apologize for that. If you plan on attending, please send the slip back on Monday, or respond back to this email, and I'll pass the info along!

We started this week off with a review of our school rules, which are,

1. Take care of your friends and teachers

2. Take care of your things

These two rules are vague and all encompassing on purpose. These kids are 4 and 5 years old. They've probably heard the term "take care" plenty of times before, but what does it really mean? We played a game to help narrow down the definition some. Each child had a picture of something that could happen in the classroom. They were given some time to look at the picture and think about what the kids in the picture were doing. One by one they came up to the front of the room to tell the class about their picture, and decide whether what the kid(s) were doing was a thumbs up behavior or thumbs down behavior, then put it up on the board under the corresponding thumb picture.The kids did a great job, and everyone participated in some great discussions! From there we could refer back to our school rules when we had a question about our behavior in the classroom.

Our letter of the week this week was O. The kids are doing a wonderful job thinking about words that start with the sound, and pointing out the letters without reminders from me anymore! Wahoo! This is our way of using what we've learned in all that we do!

Our books this week were Oops Pounce Quick Run; An Alphabet Caper by Mike Twohy, about a mouse and dog who work their way through the alphabet based on their interaction with each other. Based on the title, I bet you can tell what happens in the middle! However, we start with Asleep and end with Zzzzz, so it turns out alright in the end. Our other book we read was I Am One; A Book Of Action by Susan Verde with art by Peter H. Reynolds. This book shows us how one person can make a big difference. It takes "one seed to start a garden", "one stroke to start a masterpiece", "one note to start a melody". And "one by one, we can make a difference". The beautiful words, and eye catching art make it a must read!

The new things in centers this week were...

Yellow Bins- Sequencing, and number puzzles

Blue Bin- Letter O find with dot markers

Art- Paper plate Octopus with pipe cleaner and straw arms

I heard a few of our friends are starting soccer and baseball this weekend! Best of luck to all of them!❤

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend! See you on Monday!


Christina Renoni


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