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Week 9 in Mixed Age

Hello All,

    This was a very fast week and it's hard to believe we are into November. The kids have been learning the days of the week and the months of the year, They enjoy doing calendar each day. Luckily we had recess outside each day although it was a bit chilly and windy!! Please remember to label their hats and mittens so I know who they belong to, getting ready for outside time can be very busy and things can get mixed up sometimes. Enjoy the picture from the playground!

Here is what we did in the classroom this week:

Math~ Pegs and peg boards. This activity is always a hit when they are out in the classroom.

Discovery~ Small wood pieces and small family figures. They liked to line the  pieces of wood up and then stack the figures on top of each one. 

Art/Writing~ They made Turkeys this week. They all sponge painted with red, yellow or orange paint onto a paper plate. When it was dry they made their turkey bodies using glue sticks to attach the pieces. They are now hanging  up in the hallway along with the Spookley's from last week, please see the attached picture. Letter A sheets were out as well as Palin paper and stickers to use!

Easel~ Fork painting with orange and red paint. 

Pretend~ Cleaning supplies are out along with some kitchen stuff. They kids loved using the vacuum and dusters to clean the area, it never looked so good. I also had many cups of tea made for me the past 3 days!! This was a popular place to be all week.

Sensory~ Oatmeal, apples, a cinnamon stick 1 little bowl and they each had a ladle in there bin. They were pretending to make pies!

Play-doh~ Brown play-doh is in their bins and there are colored popsicle sticks and googly eyes to make turkeys!  There was also cookie cutters and the tools out as well.


Five Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed

My Heart is Like a Zoo

Be Kind


Animal Action 

Freeze Dance

Bear Hunt

Wiggle your Fingers

The Letter B is our show and tell next week. Please bring in one item on Monday. I look forward to seeing what everyone brings in.

Have a nice weekend and I hope everyone can get out and enjoy the nice weather this weekend!!


  Julie Haynes


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