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Week of February 1st in Mixed Age

Hello Mixed Age Families,

Here we are again and we are in another new month, they are flying by ever so quickly!!! Thankfully we were able to get in all 3 school days and the kids enjoyed playing in the snow. Yesterday we did have an obstacle course set up because of it being so wet outside. Here is what we did in the classroom this week!

Math~ 1-10 Number hearts; the hearts were cut in half with a number on one half and heart stickers stuck to the matching half. They had to work hard counting the number of heart stickers and find the number that matches with it.

Discovery~ Small red solo cups and teddy bear counters. This was a popular place to be this week, lots of creativity and working together.

Art/Writing~ Heart decorating with stamps, stickers and dot markers; peeling the backs of the heart stickers is really helping to strengthen their finger muscles. They also decorated ice cream cones using stamps and dot markers. Today some of them colored Valentine pictures.

Easel~ Heart Trees using cookie cutters to paint with.

Listening Center~Slugs in Love By Susan Pearson

Pretend Center~ We now have and Ice Cream shop in our classroom. The kids have been enjoying scooping ice cream and making sundaes for their friends. There is an ice cream cart filled with popsicles and ice cream cones but the best part is the cash register filled with play money which everyone has been having fun using.

Play-doh~ We have red and pink play-doh along with heart cookie cutters and are usual play-doh tools.

Sensory Bins~ There is colored pasta along with hearts of different sizes, cups and a little valentines finger puppet.


Ice Cream Bear By Jez Alborough

Groundhog Day By Betsy Lewin

I am One A Book of Action By Susan Verde


Hamster Dance

Silly Bear Hunt

Freeze Dance

Stand up, Sit Down

Wiggle your Fingers( sitting down)

Our letter for show and tell nest week is M. Please bring in one item on Monday morning!!

The kids have been doing a great job getting themselves ready for outside, some of them are doing it on their own and sometimes the snow pants go on backwards or boots on the wrong feet but they are doing it with minimal help from Mrs. Lay and I. Please remember that mittens work best for preschool and now that we have snow waterproof mittens would be best.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Warm Regards,

Julie Haynes


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