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A Fun Week in the 3's!

Good afternoon families! We had another busy week at school. The children are doing such a great job following the routines of the classroom. These are some examples of HUGE accomplishments we are seeing in the classroom, the children are:

* Cleaning up after center time.

* Sitting on their circles during morning meeting.

* Lining up to go to the bathroom.

* Carrying their things off their hooks into the classroom before snack. We are still working on putting out coats and backpacks on the back of the chair. This is very tricky for little ones to do, but they are working hard at it.

* We continue to work on opening snack and drink items. They are more willing to give it a try before asking a teacher for help.

We are very proud of them. Keep up the good work girls and boys!

This week at MORNING MEETING we listened to another book with accompanying music, The Wheels on the Bus by Melanie Williamson. We also did some dancing to the Freeze Dance and the Stand-Up Sit-Down Song.

Here's what's NEW at CENTERS:

Art Table: The children used dot markers and stickers to decorate paper mittens. We hung them up in the hallway when they were finished. They look very pretty.

Easel: The kiddos used their "pinchy" fingers to pick up cotton balls and felt shapes and decorate "sticky" snowmen.

Math Table: We played with little road mats in the shape of squares, triangles, circles, rectangles, and diamonds. They used little rubber vehicles to drive around the different shapes. This was a big hit!

Discovery Table: The children had a chance to build up the strength in their hands and fingers with theraputty. Theraputty is strong silly putty. Inside the putty were pieces of a snowman: hat, carrot nose, stick arms and buttons. The children had to pull the pieces out of the putty and match them up on a snowman mat.

Writing Table: We had some coloring pages, crayons and markers at the table this week.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Your Teachers,

Brenda Daday & Christina Renoni


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