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First week of 2021 in Pre-K 1

Hello & Happy New Year to All,

You may have heard the exciting news! We have another new friend in our class. Welcome to Ophelia & family!

The children were very excited about the new centers for January. Our Pretend Center has changed to a Doctor's Office. There are many babies waiting to for their check-ups. The children are checking their hearts, blood pressure, temperature and some babies are even being wrapped in gauze due to boo-boos. There are many caring doctors in our class.

The Sensory Bins now have slime in them. This has been a very busy spot with friends waiting for a turn to go here. Today, the children were using a scooper and turning their slime into a "slime ball".

Our play doh is now white with blue sparkles. Lots of snowmen have been being made.

Our Reading Street Book this week was Henny Penny by H. Werner Zimmermann. "Henny Penny and her friends are on their way to tell the king that the sky is falling when they meet a hungry fox." Our song was The Forest. Our vocabulary words were acorn, forest, shortcut, cave, hollered and sly.

Our Letter of the Week was S. Our list of S Words is attached to this email. It was our longest list yet! The children are so proud when they hear/come up with another word to add to our list. They are doing a great job with letter sounds and identify words when I'm reading stories or we're just having conversations in our classroom. Our song was Let's Set Sail.

We also read Snowmen At Night by Caralyn Buehner, A Snowman For Little Bear by Trace Moroney, and Geraldine's Big Snow by Holly Keller.

Other activities in our classroom this week were:

Discovery: Magnets with cars and wands. The children could load their car with magnets and use the wand to make it move.

Math: Numbered Snowman...the children would identify the number on the snowman and count out that number of buttons to decorate them.

Project Table: S is for Superhero.....there were superhero masks to decorate. This was a hit. I loved seeing the children wearing their masks after they made them. It made me smile when some masks came back to school the next day to be worn again. We also made penguins for the bulletin board outside of our classroom (picture is attached). Today, we made paper chain snakes.

Art Easel: Snowy Owl...painting with scrub brushes. This was a very popular spot.

Blue paper and white paint with paintbrushes....many snowmen were made.

Blue paper with chalk....snowflakes and snowmen were created.

Listening Center: The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly by Catherine Vase.

Looking ahead our Letter of the Week will be J. Show & Tell will be on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Kelley


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