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Lots of Learning in Enrichment!

Good evening Enrichment families,

Welcome to December! This week flew by! It was filled with lots of fun, lots of new things in the classroom and lots of stories from the children about last weeks long weekend and holiday! On Wednesday we had special guest Mrs. G. She told us a story as well as taught us a song using her ukulele! Mrs. G will be joining us for music for the next few Wednesdays.

What’s new this week? This week our books were- Can I Play too? by Mo Willems. In this book, Piggy and Elephant learn about friendship and including others; even differently-abled others. We also read I am a Kindness Hero by Jennifer Adams. Be sure to ask your child about the ways we can all be kindness heroes at school and at home! Art- On the art table this week we decorated cocoa mugs! These are now hanging in the hallway. Easel- Winter pattern and shape stamping. Math- This week on the math table we started working on something very special (stay tuned to see what it is in a few weeks!) Discovery- Bug exploration. Using magnifying glasses we looked at a variety of different bugs. The children asked lots of questions about them, and seeing them up close made them realize that bugs aren’t scary, they’re actually pretty cool! Play dough- Instead of play dough, we used sticky foam this week! The kids really liked exploring this new texture and making different kinds of creations. Pretend- We now have a cocoa and cookie stand in our pretend center. These little “baristas” had a blast making and serving cocoa and cookies! Have a great weekend! Ashlee Taylor & Christina Renoni


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