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Week 11 in Enrichment

Hi all!

It's beginning to feel a lot like... FALL! The wind, cold, and leaves being blown around are what us New Englanders look forward to, right? Okay, maybe not all of us!

While we're seeing more fall-like weather recently, please remember to send in hats and mittens, as we have a bit of a windy playground! We're working as a class to remember to put our mittens in our hat and our hats in our sleeves when we take off our coats in the morning. Any help you could do at home to reinforce that process would be much appreciated!

As November/Literacy month wraps up please remember to send in those Ice Cream scoops next week! If you don't hand them to Mrs. Lay in the morning, I'll be sure to check backpacks.

And as a special treat for Literacy Month we're having a second PJ Storytime tonight, at 6:30. I'll be there in my cozy jammies, reading a book about our two favorite literary friends! I hope to see you there!!

Topic: PJ Storytime – Wednesday

Time: Nov 16, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

The class will be participating in Jack and Jill's Friendship Celebration next Tuesday, the 24th. It's going to look different this year than normal (just like everything else), but it'll still be a time where our whole school can get together to celebrate each other! Each class brings their own snack to share with the whole school, this year each will be divided into 4 containers so that each class can have their snack in their own classroom. You don't need to send a snack that day, as there will be plenty for all. Our class will be bringing Pumpkin Muffins, which the kids may have talked me into putting chocolate chips into :-). After snack we'll be going outside to share a story read by a guest reader and sing a song each class has been working on. We'll be singing "The more we get together" with some sign language. Ask your little one to share it with you! Of course, we'll be doing all of this at a safe distance from the other classes, and keeping our masks on.

We also had a special surprise today! Mrs.T (aka the music lady) had an online Fall themed get together today! The children had fun singing new and old songs with her.

This is us singing the hello song with her!

This one is the children pretending to rake a pile of leaves, which they then jumped into!

Our Thankful Tree is doing the opposite of what the real trees are doing. Our tree is GAINING leaves each week! This week the children wanted to add friends, shoes and Grandparents to their tree. It's great to continue our thankful discussion each day!

This week we read I Really Like Slop by Mo Willems. It was all about Piggie wanting Gerald to try her favorite dish...slop! Gerald hurt Piggie's feelings with a "NO WAAAAAAY!!!" when she asked him to try it. Realizing that she was sad, Gerald changed his mind. Well, it ended up that he didn't like it, but he was glad he tried it, because he really likes her. We learned that taking care of our friends sometimes means trying new things, and not yelling at them.

The new things we had in centers this week are...

Blue bins- The children used a spinner to find out what color pom pom to put inside the empty turkey, using tongs! We're really working those hand muscles!

Yellow Bins- We used a spinner for these games too! One bin had a game where they had to spin to find out what shape to put into our puzzles, and the other used a spinner to find out what number to add to another puzzle.

Art- The artists decorated a set of acorns this week, which were cut out, divided up among the children, and they glued them to a hat that they'll be wearing for our Friendship Celebration on Tuesday!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Stay safe!

Christina Renoni


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