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Week 14 in Enrichment

Hi all!

As the days get colder, we continue to go outside for recess. Our policy is that we'll go out unless it's raining, snowing hard, or below 20 degrees. Yup, 20 degrees. With the kids bundled up and running around they barely notice the cold...unless they're underdressed. Please keep this in mind when sending in winter gear. And when the white stuff starts falling, please be sure to send in snow pants and boots. I ask that you put these in a separate reusable bag (one that can stand up on it's own please) with your child's name on it. This will help in getting the right gear on the right child.

Also, in the same "keeping warm" thought, I'm continuing to keep the windows open in the classroom for ventilation. Please send in a layer that they can put on and take off as they please, depending on how they're feeling.

This week we read The Hat by Jan Brett. We dove right into story sequencing and story prediction with it. Jan Brett's wonderful illustrations make a great introduction to these concepts. When Lisa's woolen stocking flies off the clothesline, Hedgie can't resist poking his nose in. He tries to pull it out, but the stocking is stuck on his prickles. At first the other animals laugh at the sight of him, but when they realize they might like something to keep their heads dry and ears warm, too, even more silliness ensues.

New things in centers this week...

Blue Bins- Snow family/number cut and glue puzzle

Yellow Bins- Color matching hats and mittens

Art- Hedgie brown collage project

I hope you were able to take a look at the papers sent home today. One explains that we'll be starting Yoga in January! This will be a great opportunity for the kids to become more aware of their bodies and space.

The other paper was about a fundraiser at Panera Bread this Friday. Personally, I'm looking forward to not making dinner that night! Oh, and it helps out your favorite local preschool too! 😉

Please reach out with any questions or comments you may have.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Christina Renoni


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