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Week 6 in Enrichment

Hi everyone!

Well, it was a short, but busy week! Our cozy PJ day turned into our first indoor recess, which the kids took in stride!

Instead of recess we took an apple taste test, and the students gave their input on how they liked the three colors of apples, and voted for their favorite! The attached picture shows their graph! They could give a thumbs up, in the middle, or down for each flavor, then a big thumbs up for their favorite. This lead to discussion about numbers, likes and dislikes, trying new things, and how everyone is different. Who knew we could learn so much from having a snack! 😉

Our book this week was Pick a Pumpkin, Mrs. Millie! By Judy Cox, Illustrated by Joe Mathieu. Mrs. Millie took her class on a field trip to the farm and pumpkin patch. It's a good thing her students knew her well, or they would have been very confused! Mrs. Millie is very silly, and mixes up her words a lot! This book was a good (and silly) introduction to rhyming words. There are several versions of read-a-louds on YouTube if you'd like to read it with your child!

This week in centers we did/played with...

· Pretend center- taking care of babies and using the kitchen

· Sensory bins- corn kernels, pretend leaves, pumpkin/leaf/ acorn gems, spoons, and cups for scooping and dumping

· Yellow bins- Bristle Blocks

· Blue bins were tracing lines (straight, zig zag, big curves, little curves, etc.) with a dry erase marker. Great for starting letter writing!

· Art this week was making Jack-O-Lanterns with puffy paint, paper plates, and shapes. Also, they cut and glued their name pumpkins! (Pictures attached) They all had a great time with both projects! We've got a room full of artists!

· Playdough- scissors, a rolling pin, and a pumpkin cookie cutter.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!


Christina Renoni


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