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Week of January 19th in Pre-K 1

Hi Everyone,

It may have been a shorter week but we certainly packed a lot in!

Our Reading Street Book this week was Close Your Eyes by Kate Banks. "The little tiger lay on his back in the tall grass.

Close your eyes little tiger said his mother and go to sleep. But the little tiger is worried about what sleep might bring. His mother reassures him that once he closes his eyes he will dream of magical places. And when he awakens, she will be right there, waiting for him." Our Reading Song was Little Stripes, the Tiger. I will be sending a video of the children singing this song today in a separate email. Each week the children come up with movements to go along with the words of our song. I hope you enjoy the video! Our vocabulary words were dreams, mountains, stretched, catch, ocean and stripes.

Our Letter of the Week was D. Our song was Did Old Dandy Dog Dig in the Dirt?

We also read If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff.

Other activities in our classroom this week were:

Discovery: Hatching frozen dinosaur eggs. This was the place to be this week! The children used droppers of water and tweezers to excavate the dinosaurs from the frozen eggs. There was also magnifying glasses to check it out.

Project Table: We continued with one more day of the craft from The Mitten (requested by the children).

D is for Dog......the children could make a dog out of the letter D.

D is for Donut....painting a paper plate to look like a donut....different colored donuts and many with lots of sprinkles. Some children were even making donuts for their brothers and sisters too!

Art Easel: Snowman pictures to color with dot markers

Dandelion finger painting

Listening Center: Counting Monkeys by Mac Barnett

Looking ahead our Letter of the Week will be P. Show & Tell will be on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Kelley


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