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A Week Before February Vacation in Enrichment

Good afternoon families,

Another busy week in the Enrichment class. Valentine's Day was lots of fun! The children enjoyed delivering their valentine cards to each friend's mailbag. They also enjoyed decorating graham crackers with frosting and sprinkles!

This week at MORNING MEETING we read another choose-your-own-adventure book called What should Darla do? by Ganit and Adir Levy. The students had to help Darla make choices when different situations would come up in her day. On Monday, we picked all of the negative choices and poor Darla did NOT have a good day. On Tuesday, the children helped Darla make positive choices. Ask your child what kind of day Darla had when she used her super powers to make positive choices.

During the school day, we have been working hard to make positive choices like being safe and showing kindness to others. The children did such an amazing job making positive choices, that they filled up their cookie jar again! We had Oreo cookies after lunch today for our special reward. Great work boys and girls!

Here's what's NEW at CENTERS:

Art Table: This week, the children decorated superhero capes and masks with stickers. Some children wanted to decorate their cape and some children chose not to. We all had fun wearing the capes in the classroom!

Easel: Superhero name art with markers and dot markers

Math Table: Valentine's beaded necklaces and lock and key toys

Discovery Table: The children played with magnetic sticks and balls. They came up with some really cool creations. We have some great engineers in our class.

The workshop at the pretend center continues to be a popular place to play. The students are also enjoying their purple playdough, trains in the block area and the kinetic sand in the sensory table.

We also welcomed a new friend to our class! We are so glad you joined us TR! The students in our class are so caring and they were very excited to welcome TR. to our classroom.

It's hard to believe that the next time we see you it will be the LAST day of February! Mrs. Renoni and I will not be checking our email regularly over the break, so please bear with us as we catch up with emails on Monday the 28th. We hope you have a wonderful week off, and we look forward to seeing your little ones on Monday, February 28th.

Your Teachers,

Brenda Daday & Christina Renoni


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