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Celebrating love and friendship in Pre-K 2

Hello Pre K Families,

We had a great week! The children loved exchanging Valentines today! They also enjoyed the cookies I made, they frosted them and added sprinkles!

This is what went on in the centers this week!

Dramatic Play- The health care center has been a busy place! There are 3 babies that need A LOT of care!

Play dough- This month the playdough is bright pink with glitter. There are empty valentine chocolates containers to be filled with creations.

Discovery table- This week we had magnets.

Art Easel-This week the children painted doily hearts and when they lifted them off the paper, what remained was a beautiful heart stenciled on the paper.

Sensory Table- Shredded paper, treasures to find.

Art Table- This week at the art table the children created their own Valentines designs, using crayons, stickers, decorative tape and stickers.

Also made P- Penguins, P-Pigs

The Reading Street book this week was –Henny Penny retold by-Cass O’Keefe.

Henny Penny thinks the sky is falling when an acorn falls from a tree and hits het on the head. She and her friends run to tell the king and queen the sky is falling, but the sly Foxy Loxy tries to trick them into his cave instead.

Letter P Song- Pip the Penguin.

We also read- Penguins Adventure and Will you be my Valentine?

Letter of the week when we get back from vacation is B. Show and tell on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful vacation, stay safe and healthy!!



Robin Pascal


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