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December Excitement in Enrichment!

Good afternoon everyone!

We have some exciting news in Enrichment! Thanks to your hard work writing down all those books you read at home, we were told today that we read the most books in the school! We'll be celebrating in January (details to follow)! Thanks for helping to make it a great Literacy Month!

We had two special guests in our classroom this week! Tuesday we had fun playing drama games with Ms. Heather. This week they did a lot of exploring (caves, the jungle, etc.). They are really enjoying their time with her.

Our special guest today was Mrs. T. She played her guitar, told us stories, and sang and played bells with us!

Our books this week were This Is A School by John Schu and Veronica Miller Jamison and I am A Kindness Hero by Jennifer Adams and Carme Lemniscates. The first talks a bit about how there are all different kinds of people in a school, but that we're all connected and can help each other and the school community. And the second is "The tale of a little boy with a big heart." It talks about different ways to be kind to friends and strangers, to animals, and the earth. It was a great book that prompted a lot of discussion about how we can show that we're kindness heroes also!

What was NEW in CENTERS?

Art- We made a special project (wink, wink), decorated our own hot cocoa mugs (which are hanging in the hallway), and painted candy canes with forks.

Easel- We used snowflake stamps and stamp pads to decorate our snowy scene.

Math- We sorted shapes into bags with shapes at the top, and filled in shadowed shapes with colored blocks.

Playdough- We've added winter dough cutters and winter animal erasers to create with.

Discovery- Squigs were used to build and create. They are suction cup toys that make for lots of fun and creativity.

Writing table- The children are using gel bags to practice writing their letters and shapes, and sometimes just to play with.

These things, along with the sensory table, block area, pretend center, and our time outside made for a great few days!

We can't wait to see you all again next week! Have a happy and safe rest of your week and weekend!


Ashley Taylor, Christina Renoni, and Erica Derbyshire


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