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Marching Towards Summer in Pre-K 1

Hi Everyone,

At the end of one of our days this week, I overheard a child say "this day went so fast".....I truly can't believe how fast the days and even this year have gone! I wish we had more time together! We are fitting lots of fun in each day and a highlight this week was "Pre K's Got Talent". The children were so excited and everyone kept their talent a secret until it was their turn to go. Talents shown were:

Chace-Boxing Moves (upper-cut & crane)

Charlotte-Gymnastics (table)


Chloe-Yoga (tree, airplane & plank)


Keira-Played harmonica

Abby-Sang God Bless America

Brooklynn-Sign Language (banana, apple, baby, hug, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa) Logan-Breakdancing (spinning) Parker-Dancing (Macarena)

It was so sweet to see everyone proudly perform and the audience clap and cheer them on when they were done.

Our Reading Street book this week was Guess Who? by Margaret Miller. "A simple question is posed along with a picture of a child in a familiar situation. On the opposite page are four picture choices; the answers are funny. Flip the page and the correct picture and words appear, in a clever visual game that develops logical thinking and categorizing skills". The children LOVED this book. We usually read the Reading Street book twice and they asked me to read it again today and many children were reading it during book and puzzle time too. Our song was Everybody Has a Job. Our vocabulary words were children, dentist, letter carrier, mail, picture and school. We also read Bearobics by Vic Parker and The Little Butterfly That Could by Ross Burach.

Other activities in our classroom:

Art Easel: Watercolor painting

Project Table: Bird Craft...ripping crepe paper to make a nest and using cupcake liners to make the birds...these came out really cute

Bird Feeder.....the children used a craft stick to spread sunflower butter on a toilet paper roll, then rolled it in bird seed and sprinkled more seeds to cover it all. The bird seed bag said birds like it, but squirrels don't....I told the children to let me know if this was true!

Math Table: Snap and Sort.....sorting by patterns, shapes, color or some children made each row a rainbow.

Writing Table: The entire table was covered with a very large piece of white paper...I wrote the alphabet all over. The children used dot markers to trace the letter and wrote the letters themselves too. Lots of great artwork was drawn too.

Listening Center: Chicks and Salsa by by Aaron Reynolds

Discovery Table: Butterfly Habitat-all of the caterpillars have formed their chrysalis and have been moved from the cup to the tent. We are patiently waiting for them to emerge as butterflies. We left a piece of watermelon in the bottom of their habitat in case they come out over the weekend. There were also all different kaleidoscopes to use.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Mrs. Kelley


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